What do you know about racing events

If you are interested in cars and even passionate about them, you will not be able to ignore the races that take place continuously on the planet. Car manufacturers themselves often show their strength through the leaderboard at various races large and small.

However, it will be difficult for anyone to grasp where the race is worth. Monaco’s F1 race was first conducted in 1929 on the narrow streets of Monte Carlo.

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The feature here is that the entire racetrack has no curb but only concrete walls or steel covering. It is something that brings extremely strong feeling for the riders. Because of the requirements of precise control, driving skills as well as adventure experience.

Along with the extremely diverse altitudes, achieving the maximum speed on the Monaco track is at the stage. The tunnel has created very interesting experiences not only for the riders but also for the viewers.

Indianapolis 500 – The race was named one of the three most prestigious racing world in the world has just celebrated its 100th birthday in 2011. This annual race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is famous for the average speed of the competing cars. Those who want to qualify should be able to complete the test run at a speed of 354 km for hour.

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Each racing season, drivers will have to complete the 500-mile journey with each 2.5-mile lap. The current speed record belongs to Arie Luyendyk, set in 1996 at more than 385 km for hour.

An interesting tradition of the Indy 500 is that the winning driver often kisses the finish line and then receives a bottle of wishing milk Glad. Recently, the Indy 500 race has also inspired the production of the animated Turbo movie.