Top 5 car racing championships

When people invented car, they began car racing as a good way for test and access to luxurious cars. In 1887, the first racing car was held in Paris since the racing car are more and more popular from one country to another. Nowadays, car racing has become a sport and held in many premier championships.

As developed and upgraded, there are many kind of car racing for other racer such as car race for introduction new products, touring car race, production car race, stock car race or kart race. Depending on character and demand of each competitions, can list top car racing championships in the globe as below:

1, FIA Formula One World Championship: collected all of the best and the most modern car from all over the world. It is considered as the most high-quality championship for car

2, FIA World Rally Championship: it is a great challenge for racer to overcome barriers and racing road. It always makes difficulties for racier. But it is also the reason why it can attract experts and professions

3, WTCC FIA World Touring Car Championship: it is also an international car racing championship with the large participation number. It considers as game franchisee

4, American Championship Car Racing: It is held in U.S. Especially, the racing car has only a seat with the best racer. Because of many participation, it limits demand and requirements. The big event is The Indianapolis 500 with the most expectation from American

5, Le Mans Series: It is held in Europe. Very famous and become a popular sport of European. Because of the growth and expectation, it occurs every years and expend throughout Europe countries

Conclusion: Racing car is a good sport to connect people in all over the world. It also practice your mental and physical to overcome challenges which seems impossible. You can boost positive thought about life thanks to racing car