Top 10 most dangerous car races all the time (Part 3: The rest)

Let’s continue the article about top the most dangerous car championships all the time from the last article, we will get back the time together to remember about unforgettable car racing.

7/ The Baja 1000

It is an off-road race which take place annually in the Baja peninsula south of California. The road tracks have been built up many rocky and barren and the only purpose of racers are overcoming it and becoming the first one to finish this racing.

In this event, racer can use any kind of racing car such as trucks, rally cars or dirt bikes as well ATVs car. Only when he reaches the destination firstly, he becomes winner.

Besides danger from the strict road, the Baja 1000 has other risks from forming of course sabotage. It can be buried jumps, deadfalls or illegal track alteration which leads to unfortunate accident because drivers can’t unaware about obstacle at high speed.

8/ The Mille Miglia

This is a terrible racing with a thousand-mile long race through other cities of Italia. The outstanding feature of this race is owning touring cars with high-power.

This car racing also is notorious with terrifying crashes which kills lives of several spectators.

9/ Motordrome

This racing was ever popular in the USA in 1930s with oval-style races. Because it allowed racer to reach breathtaking speed, it happened tragic accidents with high mortality rate for competitors.

Some newspapers called terrifying crashes with notorious name as circuits “murderdromes.”

10/ Madrid Race

Madrid Race were car races held in Paris in 1903s. This race was considered as one of the most ill competition all the time of racing history.

This race caused risk and danger to both racer and spectators with numerous collisions and crashes. Some racers were killed when they directly crashed trees whereas others died terribly when their car was flipped and caught fire.