Top 10 most dangerous car races all the time (Part 2: Rank fifth- rank sixth)

As referred from the previous article, car races is dangerous and not safe at all. From more than hundred years when some first car races had fatal accidents until now when everything has become modern, risks and danger continue to happen both racers and viewers.

Here is top the most dangerous car racers all the time which was ranked fifth to sixth

5/ The Macau GP

Macau GP is a massive series of car races held annual November in Macau, China. It has been specially designed as one of the most challenging and deadly accident happened in the world. For example, is the racing street is unusually narrow or even steel walls stand has tire barriers around.

In the 1967 car race, there was a rider crashed then the track had to record many fatalities. This racing car is considered as bare-knuckle and potentially deadly course for car racers practice and get more experience.

6/ The German Grand Prix (Nurburgring)

Formula One is one of the famous car racing series held in German. It has also been notorious for high fatality rate since some first Formula One was organized.

Although the track has been redesigned several times since 1927, car racers have to face many risks and danger from fast speeds, elevation changes or tight corners.

In 1969, all car racers boycotted this track so that the organization improved the quality and reduced wary of deaths. Since then, fatality rate has been dramatically decreased for both Formula One competition and the included courses.

Actually, estimated that since 1970 until now there has been 25 drivers killed during car races at the track. It is a huge number to wake up everyone about risk as well value after victory of racers.