Top 10 most dangerous car races all the time (Part 1: Rank first- rank fourth)

Statistically that car racing is one of the most prominent and daredevil sport in the world. There are other disasters happened with car racing. It results from speed which is over 250 mph or rule and condition of this sport. Despite risk and accident, car races are still loved and interested by professional drivers and fan.

The following is top 10 most dangerous car races in history.

1/ The Paris-Madrid Race of 1903

It was an endurance race which prolonged from Paris to Madrid in 1903. There were many numerous collisions and crashes to happen in this competition. Some drivers died when their cars struck trees whereas others were killed when their vehicles flipped and caught without controlling it.

Then some people called this race with a nickname “the race to death”.

2/ Motordrome

It is a popular car racing in the United States in the 1930s. In this race, speed was allowed over 120 mph so drivers usually were out of control leading to collisions and tragic accidents. Further, spectators also became victim of this game. Because racing cars were out of control and spun over the track’s outside walls then into the stands and viewer as the bad consequence.

3/ The Mille Miglia

It is an open-road endurance race with a thousand-mile long through Italy from 1927s. Besides collecting top cars and drivers in the world, it is notorious for terrifying crashes with tragic accident in per competition.

It was banned in 1957 after happening a horrific crash which killed 12 people.

4/ The Baja 1000

It is an off-road race which takes place annually in California. The racing road seems the rocky and barren. Further, these roads were inaccessible, blind turns and equipment failure so it was extremely dangerous for drivers and viewers. Actually, there was other unfortunate accidents for per competition.