Things not to be missed when attending the Rally Des Princesses Richard Mille race

Chat with the female racers of Rally Des Princesses a unique long-distance race for women. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the race – let us explore how the ladies prepare and how they feel about this special journey.

On the weekend before the official competition day, she trained for the race with about 100km of driving. This helps her get used to the steering wheel, especially at braking intervals, and to how the antique car reacts more slowly than the modern car. It is an opportunity to experiment and fix even the smallest problems.

The old parts of the racing car tend to get hot. It is therefore always important to keep a close eye on their temperature during operation, even after she has installed a radiator.

Her job before each race was to check the racing route from previous years. For the first leg in the suburbs of Paris, she will go round the track with her husband. She will show the way and he will follow her lead.

This is also an opportunity to follow a different speed from their usual route, using a new car on the highway. She also spends time practicing changing tires, spark plugs, light bulbs or wipers.

The same goes for checking and adjusting the oil level, coolant and pressure on the tires. She doesn’t have a speed calculator, so she doesn’t waste time reading the instructions.

She only needs to pay attention to the driving speed so that she can notify the main driver when to speed up. Now is the time to find the most comfortable position to be able to sit in for 6 hours!

Every error of orientation or calculation of speed can put their efforts back to zero. That can be frustrating. Similarly, when the driver does not follow their directions and as a result, both are on the wrong track, it is annoying.

On the actual track, even when the race is at its peak, you must pay attention to the speed limit. And you are not allowed to try to cross the road dangerously just to make up for the delay due to the obstacles.