The Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix racing prize

Monaco Formula 1 is a Formula 1 racing event held annually in Monaco. The teams will compete on the Circuit de Monaco racetrack in Monaco. This is one of the most important and prestigious racing competitions in the world.

The Monaco Formula 1 car race was first held in 1929. Since 1950 it has become part of the world championship. The Monaco Formula One Grand Prix is ​​considered as the most important and prestigious race in Formula One racing.

The tournament is usually held in the last week of May, the track that the teams will run are the Monaco’s street is called Circuit de Monaco. The roads in Monaco are often narrow, the altitude is variable, with tunnels and sharp corners.

Therefore, drivers need to have a high concentration to ensure safety while competing on the track. The Monaco Formula 1 car race is not just a race, but it is also a big event attracting celebrities and tourists everywhere to Monaco. On this occasion, visitors to Monaco busy, in addition to the stands built to serve viewers, the hotel balconies also become an interesting racing venue.

Before World War II, the Formula 1 Monaco race was part of the European race, but since 1950 it has become a part of the World Championship. The Circuit de Monaco is the racing track of the Formula 1 Monaco. Which includes streets at Monte Carlo and La Condamine, including the harbor.

As shared above, this track has a variable elevation of the road, has many angles, tunnels, so it is very dangerous. It is not going through a hatch also awarded back to the racer when the lighting will change and give the toughest.

However, because of such difficulties, it has contributed to the special features of the Monaco Grand Prix. The Monaco Grand Prix is ​​the most expensive ticket in the current F1 races, with the Grandstand seat being the most expensive ticket on record.