TCR, the car race is more extreme than even Dakar Rally

Maybe not as many people know as the Tour de France. But the cross-continental race is gradually gaining more public recognition in recent years because of its fierce nature.

At TCR, athletes have to throw themselves into a 5,000km journey in 2 weeks with countless dangers. And that makes this race even more challenging than Dakar Rally.

Veteran driver Mike Hall was fed up with the year-by-year competition on the same tracks. Unlike Tour de France or other motor racing, a race in TCR is 120-200km long.

There are countless stages taking place in the rugged mountainous terrain that challenges the courage of the athletes attending. The most difficult thing for those who want to compete in TCR is that they have to accept to join the game without any support.

All activities such as drinking water, changing car parts, all athletes must perform on their own racing journey. If the frame is bent or broken, the car will be forced to stop the game, there is no special car to carry spare bicycles as before.

It sounds crazy, but Hall’s ambitions were immediately favored. TCR clearly outpaces other races because it leaves people naked in the face of wild nature.

At the first time, TCR traveled from London to Istanbul. By the following year, the organizers choose the track from Geraardsbergen (Belgium) to Meteora (Greece). Unfortunately, the founder of the tournament no longer sees TCR grow stronger year by year.

Like Thierry Sabine, the founder of Dakar Rally, Hall suffered a life-and-death career. He died participating in the transatlantic race held in Australia three years ago.

Hall’s car crashed into a car traveling on the road at high speed, something he knew well but could not avoid. Currently Hall’s girlfriend, Anna Haslock is the operator of TCR with the aim of promoting his legacy to posterity.