Review about CSR Racing 2 game

If you are fan of car racing game, you shouldn’t miss CRS Racing 2 game. Since it has been launched until now, it is always on the top the best game for everyone. It attracts both content and graphic design.

In this article, we will continue to review about this game then you can clear why it is the must-try car racing game.

Discussion about the design

According to comments and reviews from the expert, CSR Racing has been designed by the beautifully detailed racing cars. Almost drivers will be interesting to handle on fashioned cars like store of CSR.

At this game, one racing car should be licensed by one real manufacturer. Therefore, they look real and highly level of precision. Amazingly you can open the doors and discover all interior in the racing car like dash, seats or inner lining.

As a special promotion for new players, you can receive 130 gold to purchase the first car. It is enough to choose several basic cars such as the Cooper S, Golf GTI, Hundai Veloster, Dodge Dart Mopar ’13 or Abarth 500. If you prefer higher quality car, you need to charge more golds to buy it. The price should be publicized for your option.

How to start this race

In general, CSR racing 2 game has format like the original CSR Racing. It means it is a drag racing game. During the journey, you have to fly along straight street with the incredible speed up to 100 MPH. You only compete against a solo opponent. The length of races is less than a quarter-mile so you only take 15 seconds to go the finals.

To make more creative for this game, the system of the starting mechanic should be update dramatically. It is highly appreciated than the previous game.