Review about CSR Racing 2 game < Part 1>

If you are a fan of car racing, you can’t miss CSR Racing 2 game. Assure that you feel you are lost in the world of amazing races. Almost mobile car games don’t focus to upgrade vaporware. But CSR Racing 2 has been dramatically improved.

In this article, we will share reviews about this game.

In general, CSR Racing 2 game is the first game of Natural Motion producer since they are immerged by Zynga. This game is launched as introduction for new position and new co-operation.

CSR Racing 2 could make deeply impression when it offers a wide range of gameplay improvements from dragging to going in a straight line. As a good consequence, it makes enjoyment and interest for everyone, even new player.

According to review about framework, CSR Racing 2 is different from the previous version. During the track, you have opportunity to discover gorgeous sceneries as well face up with obstacles to increase interest and hope for racers. Actually, opposing racers feel not easy to become winning. It can push them to obsess and addict this game more.

The producer is really smart to share other options for winner depending on other results. For example, when you beat 4 henchmen, you will take on the boss. Or you topple the boss in 4th time, you will win her ride to use for the next race.

There is a special service for a cycle of the automotive variety. Racer can receive 7 other parts of one car then he has the right to upgrade them to the next five stages. It means that the car is more and more improved to run faster thanks good update. This game also offers strategies to play with a tuning system to tinker with nitrous or gear ratio. Therefore, it allows you to feel comfortable with your expectation about raw speed.