Race of champion in 2019


Race of champion stands for ROC which is famous tournament for car racing in the world. The first championship was organized in 1988 with the purpose of collecting top the best car drivers from other nations. By the vision is introducing and promoting motorsport to larger audiences, ROC has really been achieved more successes than expected.

What is ROC

It is well known as a knockout competition. It means by series of identical car races in identical, drivers directly have to battle to find who is the fastest on the earth.

In each ROC championship, it is divided into some main rounds like: group stage, knockout, semi-finale and the grand finale. Each competition, organizers and sponsor carefully prepare for infrastructure, facilities and recruiting drivers so that it can bring happiness and satisfaction from the racing fans.

Almost the way to come to “champion of champions” is difficult and strict with variously dangerous challenges. Sometimes racers have to put under pressure or risks which is out of control.

The ROC Car

It is considered as one of the most popular racing car on the Earth. It was launched in 1999 in Gran Canaria debut, but it keeps reputation and unique features until now.

Can list some outstanding functions of ROC car like: ability of rapid acceleration, level of handling in strict road or pattern of design. Almost drivers wish they can own a ROC car as their product.

Champion of champion

The first ROC was held in the United States of America in Miami’s Marlins Park baseball stadium. From this time, many nation became host of ROC for each tournament.

Germany team reach seven times in winner while USA team always prove that car racing is their strength. A memorial event in 2015, it is the first time Colombia could overcome stronger competitor and become champion.