John Force qualified third in Atlanta in his 70th birthday

John Force started his career by an immense love with drag-caring car. He kept on bothering his brother Walker to come and watch him drive, but unfortunately, his brother had no interest for this, as he saw a lot of people doing that at work. Walker thought that it was dangerous and tried to stop Force.

However, John Force proved that he has reasons to love this. Until now, for a decade, John Force won 149 times in 16 NHRA Funny Car championships. He has ben famous for his skills of toughness on the track and owns an empire in a large area, from fabrication, gift shop, museum, to machine shop in Brownsburg of Indiana.

The driving career of Force has been lasting for over 50 years like the legend in hockey Gordie Howe. However, Force proved that he still dominates the NHRA championship, when he recently won the 150th time when he turned 70 years old.

This weekend, he will also attend another NHRA Championship in Georgia with full energy and confidence. On Saturday, he qualified his second ranking as the second-oldest racer, only after the 75-year-old Chris Karamesines. Force said he felt satisfied with the result. Participating in those participations made him confident and feel young again.

John Force is a lover for his occupation. No matter how old he is, he still feels in love with what he is doing. He is a little embarrassed when mentioning his age, but above all, he loves driving the hot rod, like what he shared in a recent interview.