Gridlife makes new concet for Pikes Peaklife

There is a combination between motorsport and music festival in the new concept co-executed by Pikes Peaklife and Gridlife to be held soon. It is a festival event named Girdlife Alpine Horizon, takes place on July 26 to 28, in three days from Friday to Saturday. The venue is Pike Peak International Raceway, located 20 miles to the south of Colorado Spring. From Denver International Airport, it takes only 1.5 hours to get there.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho gridlife festival

From the innovation in the space of grassroots motorsports, Gridlife created the concept of motorsport festival combined with music. This creation also marked Gidlife the pioneer of the festivall event. There has been 11 events held from 2014 by Gridlife until now. Through the series of events, tremendous forms of car culture such as drifting or road racing were brought together and made interesting time for the participants. By blending music and motorsport together, Girdlife made influencial festival activities throughout 6 years of operation.

In the next event, Gridlife Alpine Horizon will include the most outstanding features in the festival of the Midwest and the South, to bring unforgettable experiences for everyone. Another big surprise is on the gathering of motorsport models such as off-road, overland, rally and powersports with latest versions. Gridlife through the series of event in the past years, has had crowded fans in Colorado. Thus, this upcoming event is expected to attract even more and more enthusiasts in the world of motorsports and music world.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho gridlife festival

If you care about Gridlife and its interesting events combining motorsports and music, do not miss this chance. During three days of the event, there will be numerous activities to join in, from music performances to on-site camping and motorsport experiences. Quickly book for yourself a ticket from March 29.