Go-Kart – Challenging speed sports racing

If you are passionate about speed, sport and personality, Go-Kart racing will help you satisfy and conquer yourself in the best way. Because there are so many cool things that we need time and passion to explore everything.

The racetrack alone is an exciting challenge to explore, in which the Go-Kart sports speed racing is ready for the conquerors. The clean track is safe, designed for high-speed racing. And especially with 15 continuous left and right corners, giving a feeling of heart-pounding enchantment.

Recently, after a period of preparation, the Go-Kart cars are ready with a race with a very good name: “Win or lose – New race”, along with interesting items for players at the tournament such as: Head 2 head, Sprint Race, Endurance Race.

The drivers need to train physically and mentally are the advice from experts as well as racing organizers. It aims to bring maximum relaxation, strong body to be able to “fight” blood and fire to achieve high results with dozens of continuous races. Especially for safety when racing at high speed on the track.

After a tour, looking closely at the ready Go-karts, the racers are instructed by the organizers during the race. The drivers get to know each other and have guests who are foreign racers.

Whether familiar or strange, they still shook hands with greetings. Very quickly, the racers put on protective gear, head covering, hip armor and gloves. All are ready and very impatient to step out to the other race is waiting.

The racers are tracked through specialized equipment installed in the vehicle to bring fairness in racing is the most essential thing. This is the chip that will connect to the server to give detailed parameters that the racer achieves.

Examples include Top speed, best time to complete each lap, number of laps available. The sound of the engine emanating from the Go-Kart racing cars can not help the drivers excited.

The low seats close to the asphalt surface when only a few centimeters away, the heavy steering wheel is the initial feeling. The feeling when you sit on a racing car with only a metal chassis and four existing wheels is very interesting.

And it is not a mere entertaining game anymore, but pushed to a higher level in the driver’s mindset, a speed race with real speed machines. The signal starts, the riders take turns taking the car from the pitch to the track. We have 15 minutes to complete this race.