Formula E racing – New future of speed racing

Formula E became the media focus when it launched the 2nd generation of the tournament. Not only is it captivated by its futuristic look, but it will be able to mark a new milestone in world speed racing.

Formula E is the latest racing event founded by FIA and it is entering its 4th season in history. This is a tournament where all participating cars are powered by electric motors, true to the spirit of Electric as in the name.

Each season will begin in the last months of the previous year and end in the summer of the following year with races ranging from 10 to 14 races. During the three seasons that took place, there were 3 different champions, 2 of which were former F1 driver, Nelson Piquet Jr.

As for the performance of the Renault e.Dams racing team, the team that has captured all three championships. Formula E races are all on the street so they are temporary, some of which are semi-temporary, semi-permanent.

After four seasons with the first generation car, the tournament will move on to the second generation car that at first glance looks like cars. To be used for the next three seasons, this Gen 2 car has twice the energy capacity as well as in many other aspects of the vehicle. This will allow the car to achieve higher speeds and teams do not have to change cars mid-race as they are currently doing.

The energy produced can peak at 250kW. So in the race to rank, each car will have 50kW more power than the current version. The defending champion Lucas di Grassi said that with increased efficiency and reduced traction philosophy. Each FE car can accelerate from 225km for hour to more than 300km for hour.

If you change the structure of the track, it is sure that the power of the cars will be fully displayed. At the same time, the audience will also be more excited when there are more overtakes.

Thereby attracting more audience. In addition, the car will also have a Halo cockpit protective device. And organizers plan to design LED lights on it, although they are not sure how they plan to implement the idea.