F1 will become a carbon emission race

F1 racing is witnessing big changes. Only a few weeks after announcing the exciting new rules for the 2021 season. The organizers revealed their plan to cut carbon emissions to zero by 2030.

This is considered an ambitious goal for this global sport. Especially when the schedule next year will be quite tight, with 22 racing days on weekends. Organizers of the F1 race, however, argue that the combination of carbon emissions, technological advances, efficient mobility.

And the fact that 100 percent of offices and factories are powered by renewable energy. That will contribute to the success of the plan.

It should be made clear that this is not just a matter of planting a few more trees, to reduce the impact from the exhaust of the engine. It is a change of the whole business method of F1.

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F1’s current hybrid engine system is really very efficient. It provides more power. While using less fuel than any other vehicle. However, according to the latest statement of the organizers. The goal is to use sustainable fuels and renewable energy systems to keep carbon emissions.

In many places, organizers are setting goals. Every event that takes place from 2025 will be sustainable. This means the need to eliminate disposable plastic and reuse, recycle or decompose all types of waste.

There will also be initiatives to help fans participate in a more environmentally friendly cheering. That is also a stronger impact on local businesses.

Organizers of the F1 race said that this goal was set after 12 months of intense work with the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation). Environmental experts, F1 racing teams, advertisers and partners. This action aims to bring an ambitious plan but still ensure feasibility.

Mr. Carey also shared that the generation of Hybrid V6 turbo engine has been equipped on F1 racing cars since 2014. This type of engine has very good performance, but is environmentally friendly. Because it create stronger traction, but at the same time use less fuel than the old engine generation.