Different types of car racing

Besides big sports like football, basketball and hockey with huge amount of fan, the rest of world are attracted by adventurous sports like car racing or motorbike racing. We are craving to excitement and danger from racing. Not matter you are a car racer or viewer.

With the purpose of introducing more different types of car racing or at least to broaden our passion about the world of motorsport, here is brief about breakdown of the major types of professional and amateur car racing. In Part 1, we have listed amateur kinds like monster truck racing, one-make racing, production car racing, tour car racing and off-road racing.

6/ Rallying

It’s applicable for other ways like public roads or off-roads. In general, it is similar with the production car. But you can use rallying car for more complicated choices, specially varying road widths, terrain or bad weather conditions.

On the racing road, racers have to overcome from a point to other points. It seems difficulties from obstacles and barriers.

7/ Drag racing

Drag racing is a straight line competition on the official racing road or public streets with risk and danger.

Drag car can be normal cars or in-built dragsters. Anyone can speed up and reach the first target, he will become a winner. Because the racing road is limited, the distance track is only 200 meters or 400 meters.

8/ Stock car racing

It is popular in U.S.A. It means it will be used in oval tracks then racers overcome tremendous amounts circles. It is called stock car racing because the machine are customized specifications for racing purposes.

9/ Sports car racing

It has only two-seaters. The wheel is a little special with 2 main kinds: the grand tourers (GT) or production-derived models.

10/ Formula racing

It is the most professional form of car racing in the world. It is invested from the design, pattern to machine inside. All creation has been conducted in professional tracks for formula racing.