Australia hosts a race for solar cars

The 2020 solar-powered car race will be held in Australia in October with the participation of 30 teams from 17 countries around the world. In this year, the course of the race has a total length of 3,000 km from the city of Darwin, Northern Australia to the city of Adelaide, South Australia. It is considered the world’s leading event for solar powered cars.

According to the organizers, the race is more meaningful when the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change have been agreed. The defending champion – the Dutch team of Nuon Solar, continues to be the number one candidate for the championship. In this year, the team will have a new name, Vattenfall Solar.

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As host country, Australia has 3 teams participating in the race. These teams are from University of Adelaide, Flinder University, University of New South Wales and University of Western Sydney. Along with the race, solar-powered cars are designed to be able to carry passengers with 23 teams from 13 countries.

In a car race held over the past 20 years, self-made cars ran through Australia on a distance of nearly 3,000km using only solar power. According to Venetia Chrysostomide, solar-powered cars can help Cyprus reduce fuel consumption and air pollution.

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Aristides Bonanos, of the Cyprus Institute research center said the participants of the race invested an average of only 8,000 EUR for their cars. According to Bonanos, the goal of the race is to help the public in Cyprus realize that making solar-powered cars is relatively easy and low-cost.

Experts say the potential for developing solar powered cars in Cyprus is quite large when the country has 320 sunny days a year. Meanwhile, 2016 statistics show that of the 28,000 new cars registered for circulation in Cyprus, only 22 are powered by renewable energy. This is an ambitious goal in Cyprus – one of the countries with the highest car ownership rates in Europe