About games need for speed

Car racing becomes one of the most popular games for smartphone and PC, especially for the male. Almost people like it because they prefer higher and higher speed by themselves.

Among millions of speed game, we will summarize some outstanding games with other speed levels ranked the worst to the best.

NFS: High Stakes

It was launched in 1999. This game makes more effective emotion for players. Maybe it is the first time you see driver to purchase and race a pink car. But in general, it is a franchise’ high points from technology to other advanced benefits.


It was launched in 2008. Before publicized, this game was highly appreciated with many advertisings from the producer.

However it received few positive feedback and comment from players. It has not much changes compared other games, from events, graphics or advance in technology, it is designed normally without any of title’s charm.

NFS: Most Wanted

It was launched in 2012. It is one of the most polarizing car racing games. Different from Undercover game, most wanted game has no much expectation for its trial. But it makes better result with licensed cars from Criterion’s Most Wanted.

Coming this game, you lost in the world with exciting moments, happy events as well physics engine to encourage players to immerse more. You feel this game as an interesting journey with so much challenges.

Need for Speed Rivals

It was launched in 2013. In the first sight, you feel this game has familiar with Criterion’s Hot Pursuit publicized 3 years ago. But the fact that, it has extremely impression about a legitimate open world.

The producer has designed a dynamic weather system which contributes to enhance the environmental issues and the handling model. You feel your mission clearly to fulfill targets without any vague objectives.